It’s difficult to find a satisfied dedicated servers for our web applications, we have to concern storage, performance, service and so on. Comparing dedicated server providers is a time consuming job, now, I am offering you a short cut, please choose eSecureData. It’s simple and reasonable.

How to choose a good dedicated server, we have to go through the following aspects.

Low prices. eSecureData offers pricing below industry standards so far, it even made me to check if they are virtual private servers. Low price doesn’t always means poor performance, their server performance is much better than other competitions at the same price. They now offering only $1 for the first month for all the hosting plans, they are giving you an opportunity to test their server before you put them into production environment.

Awesome services. Their support team are fantastic and so friendly. You always get an email back from them within 10-30 minutes. Compared to other competitions, which you could have to wait several hours before a reply, it’s much swifter and few interruptions will be caused to your web applications. The more stable your servers are, the better Google conside your web applications are, and put your web pages in the first search results in the first page.

Good facilities. Data center is where your servers located, eSecureData owns and operates two, world-class data centers in Canada. Their data centers are designed to survive from disasters of all kinds with no interruptions of service. They have diesel generators, multiple backbone-class Internet feeds, and total all redundancy systems. With better facilities, your servers will operate better, and so are your web applications.

eSecureData is a Canada based dedicated server provider, if you want to find a dedicated server in Canada, eSecureData is a good choice for you, just give it a try and you will be pleased with it, and recommend eSecureData to all your friends.


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