Vultr 要对 Block Storage 下手收费了

昨天晚上收到 Vultr 发来的邮件:

Hey there,

You might remember that a while ago we provided you with Vultr Block Storage for free as a thank you for being a beta tester.

We’re writing to inform you that we will begin charging for your storage volumes starting on December 1. Pricing is straightforward: just $10 for every 100 GB of storage.

You can view the Block Storage volumes you have in your account here. We suggest that you delete any volumes for which you do not wish to be charged.

The Vultr Team

vultr block storage 开始收费了

Vultr 在上个月开始对 Snapshot 收费,现在又对 Block Storage 下手了,我进入我的帐户一看,发现是 5 年前创建的,硬盘空间够了,还没有使用过……大家如果有收到邮件的,可以进后台看看以前有没有创建过。