Bridging and Switching
    Explain the advantages of MSTP (802.1s).
    Explain the advantages of RSTP (802.1w).
    Explain the differences between 802.1Q and ISL.
IP IGP Routing
    Explain the advantages presented by the DUAL algorithm in EIGRP.
    Why does OSPF use a DR in an Ethernet LAN environment?
    Why does OSPF feature different network types for use in an NBMA area of your network?

    What issues can the use of a peer group solve in BGP?

IP and IOS Features
    How can a Cisco router assist a client PC to obtain a DHCP address from a DHCP server located on a remote subnet?
    What issue does HSRP help solve?

IP Multicast
    Discuss issues that exist with the PIM Dense-Mode protocol.

    Describe differences between Custom Queuing and Class-Based Weighted Fair Queuing.
    What are the advantages presented by DSCP markings when compared to the legacy IP Precedence approach?

    Describe the basic operation of CBAC on a Cisco router.


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